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​Picolor(Standard) 24 Color​

Picolor Sports 7 Color

PiCoLoR Defense Line

Sphere Lachesis Oil 1000ml

It is rich in Jojoba oil. Using this product before coloring and bleach, it can protect the scalp and be anti-irritant. In addition, it has effect on removing lipid peroxide of scalp. It can improve scalp condition because it is contained “Lachesis” which keep young and cause an activation of protein.

Arginine Perfect 1000ml

This is a treatment-agent to easily wash out remaining component (powder) of bleach in the hair. Remaining component in the hair is the reason of unevenly colored after bleach. This will be make the hair mildly alkaline and it has an effect of easily draining the powder from inside or surface.

Simply base design

We developed a simple formula of NB (Neutral Brown) which is used as base of normal color agent. Formula of NB is divided into black and brown not to be muddy base-color. In bleach process of conventional way, a lot of melanin is broken and then, express the transparent color which mean the hair color isn’t muddy. To use this base color can express the transparent color without breaking a large amount of melanin.

Note: Hair color by using single item of BK will be dark beige to light beige.

Out Reflection Formula

Reaction is starting when you put the color agent in mixing bowl.

Over Coupler System

We produced Out Reflection Formula of Base Color which is designed mainly intermediate (black to brown) and Vivid Color which is designed mainly coupler (color or saturation). Consequently, it’s enable to come out color distinctly. This will not be muddy color when you mix the color-agents and you can enjoy your hair color in a long time because the color fading is gradually the light-color.

We designed this color-agent is contained more coupler than normal color-agent. When it is mixed different color or dilutes by Clear, you can see the color distinctly, and also it can cover under-tint in the hair. So you can imitate the color of low brightness to high brightness or low saturation to high saturation by controlling the usage.

Color Circle of PiCoLoR

We designed color to make color circle by Vivid Line.
Note: We colored on white hair.

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